Recruitment: Junior Professor Chair (CPJ CNRS)

16 February 2023
Name of the project : "Repousser les frontières dans les Matériaux Quantiques - MatQuant"

Set up by the research programming law, the junior professor chair (CPJ) is a new way of recruitment allowing access to a permanent position of university professors and assimilated or research directors. Recruitment is based on a research and teaching project led by a holder of a doctorate or equivalent diploma.

Summary of the scientific project:

Quantum materials are the meeting point of several strong communities of the Institute of Physics and their exploration aims to prepare the future of quantum technologies. One of the challenges is to better understand, control and exploit electronic interactions and quantum fluctuations to design materials with new functionalities. This CPJ aims to support this field of research, and in particular to explore the excitations and/or the out-of-equilibrium properties of quantum materials by relying in particular on innovative experiments, or carried out in extreme conditions, or exploiting external stimuli. to probe the dynamics of the excited states of these materials at ultra-short times. Candidates must propose a research project on quantum materials that fits into one of these four host laboratories: “Institut Néel” in Grenoble, “Institut de Physique et de Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg”, the “Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses” in Grenoble and Toulouse, The “Laboratoire de Physique des Solides” in Orsay. Research projects associating one of these laboratories with the “Quantum Materials” axis of the International Research Laboratory “Frontières Quantiques” in Sherbrooke, Canada are encouraged.

Summary of the teaching project:

A teaching project related to the “quantum materials” theme will be discussed with the university supervision of the CPJ host laboratory.

Keywords: matériaux quantiques, spectroscopies, interaction lumière-matière, conditions extrêmes, propriétés électroniques et optoélectroniques. 

 Duration : 4 years

Scientific themes : matériaux quantiques

 Section (s) CNUICoNRS/CSS correspondante (s) : ·03 CoNRS

More details: CNRS website

Applications by women are welcome

Contact : Pierre Rabu, Director of IPCMS