Microscopy and atomic force spectrocopy

Our instrumentation is based on an Atomic Force Microscope coupled to an ultrahigh vacuum preparation chamber specially designed for tip, cantilever and sample preparation. The chamber includes an ion bombardment gun, a variable temperature sample holder (90K – 1600K), and various tools for atom, molecule and nanoparticle deposition. Samples and probes can be transferred into microscope without exposure to atmospheric conditions. Measurements are possible as a function of temperature, magnetic/electric fields, and a large variety of gas partial pressures.

The operation mode can be interchanged between: AFM imaging, FFM imaging, EFS spectroscopy, IFS spectroscopy, AFS adhesion spectroscopy, MFM and STM imaging.  The equipment is also used for manipulation of single nanoobjects on surfaces and for various nanoscale lithographies. A high magnetic field gradient system consisting in a magnetic circuitry assembled on sample holders is also available.

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