Researcher contract - 18 month

Post-doctoral position (H/F) in free-standing infinite-layer nickelates

The post-doctoral researcher will join the Oxide Thin films Group at IPCMS in Strasbourg to work on the synthesis of free-standing infinite-layer nickelate thin films via a combination of pulsed laser deposition, exfoliation and topotactic reduction

Role: The researcher will be involved in several tasks to benchmark the pioneering approach proposed within FOXIES, an ANR-financed project, by providing his/her know-how about exfoliation and transferring processes of free-standing oxide thin films. The main goal is to increase the transition temperature of the newly discovered superconductivity in infinite-layer nickelates. Structural, morphological and transport characterizations will be used on a daily base. The researcher will also work with graduate and undergraduate students and, to some extent, he/she will supervise and coordinate their work.

Required competences: The candidate holds a PhD in Physics or Material Science, and must be an experimentalist with proven expertise in some of the following topics:
• Exfoliation of buffered oxides (needed);
• Pulsed laser deposition;
• Nickelates;
• Work in clean room;
• Use of XRD, AFM and transport systems (home-made, PPMS, …).

Contract term: 18 months contract, starting from February 2022

Application via CNRS employment site: Apply here

PREZIOSI Daniele - Contact
23 rue du Loess
67034 Strasbourg