06 December 2022

Software day at IPCMS

This day will help you understand the issues, so that you can share or distribute your codes and software with confidence.

The objective is to better understand and characterize the software heritage of the IPCMS. You will find in the attached document the detailed program of this day of information and exchange on the promotion of software developed in research laboratories.

Program “Journée_logiciels”_IPCMS (pdf)

This day is open to all software designers and developers (researchers, engineers, technicians, etc.).

An informal discussion with the organizers (INP, SPV DR10, SATT and IPCMS) will be possible both during this morning and during a lunch buffet which will take place in the cafeteria of the IPCMS and for which you are invited to register for logistical questions (https://evento.renater.fr/survey/participation-buffet-dejeuner-4ksaqvj9).

06 December 2022, 09h3012h00
Auditorium de l'IPCMS

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