Wilfried GRANGE

Wilfried GRANGE

Assistant professor, Ultrafast Optics and Nanophotonics (DON)Wilfried.Grange@ipcms.unistra.fr
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 70 89Office: 1028

Academic Background

2015: Habilitation (Paris Diderot University Paris 7)

2014: Researcher at IPCMS

2009: Researcher at Institut Jacques Monod (Paris)

2009: Associate Professor of Biology (Paris 7)

2007: Postdoc at Trinity College Dublin (Group: M. Hegner)

2000: Postdoc at University of Basel (Group: M. Hegner)

1999: Ph.D. Condensed Matter Physics, Strasbourg-I University (Strasbourg, Advisor: M. Maret)

1999: Doctorat Physique, Université Strasbourg-I (Direction: M. Maret)


@ University of Paris

Enzymology (Lectures, Tutorials, Practicals)

Biostatistics (Lectures, Tutorials, Practicals)

Molecular Biology (Practicals)

Recherches actuelles

Control of gene expression Using single molecule techniques (e.g. Magnetic Tweezers), we study relevant processes (initiation of transcription, initiation of replication) and their implication in the control of gene expression.

Cell mechanics The mechanical properties of cells play a key role in regulating a large number of physiological functions. For instance, a change in mobility would allow a single cell to detach from a primary tumor site, infiltrate adjacent tissues, penetrate the vascular walls and finally colonize competent organs. To study the mechanical phenotype of cells, we use a technique known as Traction Force Microscopy and aim at correlating the change in the mechanical properties and the onset of a metastatic phenotype.




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