Graduate Student Award for Steve-Dave Wansi Wendji

05 Octobre 2022
Steve-Dave Wansi Wendji, doctorant chez Guido Ori et Carlo Massobrio (DCMI/Modélisation à l'échelle atomique) a remporté le Graduate Student Award (GSA) lors de la récente conference E-MRS Fall Meeting à Varsovie

Steve-Dave Wansi Wendji, a graduate PhD student at IPCMS under the supervision of Carlo Massobrio and Guido Ori, was recently awarded the competitive Graduate Student Award (GSA) in recognition of his outstanding work entitled « First-principles and machine-learned potential molecular dynamics of GeSe2 liquid and glass » as a contribution talk to the E-MRS 2022 Fall Meeting (Symposium C: “From predictive modelling to machine learning as versatile tools for materials design”,

Congratulations Steve-Dave!