Anthony D’ALEO

Anthony D'ALEO

Chargé de Recherche, Matériaux Organiques (DMO)
Tél: +33(0)3 88 10 71 47Bureau: 2033

Parcours de recherche

After completing his studies at the University of Bordeaux I, Anthony completed his doctorate at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) under the supervision of Prof. Luisa De Cola. He thus defended his thesis entitled “From solution to solid state: energy- and electron-transfer in complex materials” in January 2006.

Anthony then joined ENS Lyon and the “chemistry for optics” group of Drs. Chantal Andraud and Olivier Maury for his first post-doctoral fellowship to study the 2-photon sensitization of the lanthanide complex. As a second post-doctoral training, from 2007 to 2009, Anthony worked on the photophysical characterization of lanthanide complexes for bio-imaging in the group of Prof. Kenneth N. Raymond at the University of California (Berkeley).

In November 2009, Anthony joined the CNRS at the “Centre Interdisciplinaire des Nanosciences de Marseille (CINaM)” in the team of Prof. Frédéric Fages to develop new near infrared emitters. At this time, he was interested in the mechanisms of fluorescence quenching within such NIR emitters. The development of such molecules allows him to work on light emitting diodes and to specialize his activity in the design and study of thermally activated delayed fluorescence molecules.

In 2016, he joined the CNRS-Ewha international Research Center (in Seoul, South Korea) as a CNRS / CINaM researcher to work in collaboration with Prof. Jeong Weon Wu on the effect of hyperbolic metamaterials on the photophysical properties of fluorescent molecules. In 2017, he was assigned to UMI 2B FUEL (in Seoul, South Korea) to build his group and work on the design, synthesis and characterization of organic molecules for LASERs. From January 2019, he is on leave from the CNRS within a start-up (KOALA Tech Inc) created by Prof. Chihaya Adachi. During this leave, he continued to specialize in the optical and electrical properties of organic LASERs.

Since April 2021, Anthony has joined the IPCMS within the DMO to develop his research themes around fluorescent p-conjugated organic molecules and in-depth study of their photophysical properties for applications mainly in organic electronics.

Parcours universitaire

Anthony did his study a the University of Bordeaux I

Recherches actuelles

All my activities are based on the design and synthesis of organic dyes for application spanning from organic light emitting diodes, organic laser diodes and epsilon-near-zero materials. I am seeking for new materials with tailored properties. In particular, the design of dyes allowing the control of the excited state’s nature allows to target specific applications.


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