Electron tomography

allows the access to the 3D characteristics of nano-objects, at nm scale. A 3D vomule is reconstructed by considering series of 2D micrographs of the very same region, taken at different tilting angles.

Information :

- Porosity and internal structure of materials with complex morphologies
- Spatial distribution of the components within materials
- Morphology and faceting of nanoparticles
- 3D Chemical composition

Nanoparticles distribution onto specific supports

PtRu nanoparticles on Carbon nanotubes

Goal of the project : application to nano-reactors with enhanced catalytic performances (active phase and reactive components confinement in small volumes)

Project developed in collaboration with LCC Toulouse (P. Serp, B. Chaudret)

Morphological characterization of nanoparticles

Networks of Pt nanoparticles (mean size 5 nm)

Goal of the study : correlation between morphology and long distance ordering in Pt nanoparticles networks

1. Analysis of individual nanoparticles

2. Short and long- distance order in Pt NPs networks
Project deloped in collaboration with A. Demortierre, C. Petit, LM2N Paris

Core-shell nanoparticles
Project deloped in collaboration with M. Treguer (ICMCB) ; F. Vallée (LASIM)