01 Mars 2024

Séminaire Axe 3 présenté par Dr. Maurizio Mastropasqua Talamo

Titre : "Let's twist again...with molecular optoelectronic materials

Dr. Maurizio Mastropasqua Talamo (Laboratoire Moltech-Anjou, Université d’Angers)

Résumé :

Starting from initial purposes of molecular recognition, the study of chiral pi-conjugated molecules and supramolecular assemblies have led over time to a deeper understanding of chirality-related properties which do not only rely upon geometric pairing but also involve polarization in light-matter interaction and spin selectivity in charge transport. These new properties have boosted the interest in the development of chiral organic semiconductors for advanced optoelectronics applications.

Many asymmetric synthetic techniques which are particularly important in the field of pharmaceutical synthesis, can enable the practical modification of pi-conjugated scaffolds with various stereogenic motifs, resulting in molecular semiconductors and chromophores showcasing diverse chirality-related properties.

Some examples of asymmetric modification of molecular semiconductors and chromophores will be given in this lecture along with a discussion about chirality-related properties observed within the newly synthesized materials.

01 Mars 2024, 14h0015h00
Auditorium IPCMS

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