20 Février 2024

Séminaire DMONS/DSI – Axe 1 : présenté par Anna Galler

Titre : "From color pigments to laser-driven 2D materials: a glimpse into the optical response of solids"

Anna GALLER / Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Résumé : Optical phenomena in solids are fascinating and of great importance for technological applications. In this talk, I will first present a novel approach to compute the optical response and color of new inorganic pigment materials from first principles. I will show that the brilliant colors of my target materials, certain transition-metal oxides and rare-earth semiconductors, are strongly influenced by the presence of transition-metal and rare-earth electronic states, whose theoretical treatment requires elaborate many-body techniques.
The second part of the seminar will be focused on nonlinear optical phenomena. I will investigate the response of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride, a prototypical 2D semiconductor, to intense ultrafast laser pulses. I will show that the conduction band charge occupation induced by an elliptically polarized laser can be understood in a multi-photon resonant picture, but remarkably, only if using the Floquet light-dressed states instead of the undressed matter states.
[1] Ransmayr, Tomczak and Galler, PRM 6, 105003 (2022)
[2] Galler, Rubio and Neufeld, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 14, 50, 11298–11304 (2023)

Pour tout contact : Mébarek ALOUANI : mebarek.alouani@ipcms.unistra.fr

20 Février 2024, 11h0012h00
Auditorium de l'IPCMS

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