Martin BOWEN

Martin BOWEN

Directeur de Recherche, Magnétisme des objets nanostructurés (DMONS)
Tél: +33(0)3 88 10 70 92Bureau: 0011

I am a CNRS Research Director at the CNRS, working on implementing quantum physics using spintronics. After undergrad studies in Physics and Spanish at UC Berkeley, I obtained my PhD in 2003 on solid-state tunneling spintronics (director: 2007 Physics Nobel winner Albert Fert). I entered the CNRS in 2006 and was promoted to Research Director (DR) in 2017. I lead the ‘Hybrid Spintronics’ team at the IPCMS, an interdisciplinary institute in Strasbourg. My research aims to implement quantum physics within information/communication and energy technologies, using spintronics as both an original approach and an established industrialization vector. Using advanced operando techniques, I study the electronic properties of the quantum nano-object within the nanotransport path across the oxide and molecular spacer layer of micro- and nano-scale vertical spintronic devices. I am an active member of several local, national and international sustainability & resilience initiatives across the scientific and civil society spectra.


Acteur communautaire

Recherches actuelles

  • Quantum heat/information engines using spintronics, toward harvesting thermal energy. See (ANR SpinElec, ITI QMAT SpinDrive). Collaborators: D. Lacour@IJL, B. Vileno@I. Chimie, R. Whitney@LPMMC, J. van Slageren@IPC Stuttgart).
  • Terahertz studies of next-gen electronic devices. (Region Grand Est NanoteraH). IPCMS Collaborators: @matthieu-bailleulipcms-unistra-fr, @mircea-vomiripcms-unistra-fr. Region Collaborators: S. Mangin@IJL, L. Simon@IS2M.
  • Spintronic encoding of quantum information using spin chains.
  • Multifunctional spintronics using functional molecules.


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