Former Members

Below is a list of our former members:
Activite_1 Morgan Trassin​ 2006/2009 : Ph.D. thesis : elaboration and characterization of the room temperature Magnetoelectric compound Ga2-​xFexO3 thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Activite_1 Alexandre Thomasson​ 2010/2013 : Ph.D. thesis : Electrical and magnetic ordering in the GaFeO3 magnetoelectric compound : doping optimization
Activite_1 Anna Demchenko 2012/2015 : Ph.D. thesis : Investigation of the potential offered by gallium iron oxide thin films in terms of multiferroicity
Activite_1 Elodie Martin 2015/2018 : Ph.D. thesis : Modulation of the anisotropy in cobalt ferrite thin films for spintronics applications
Activite_1 Suvidyakumar Homkar 2017/2020 : Ph.D. thesis : Ultra-thin multifunctional oxide layers for spintronics applications