05 Décembre 2023

Séminaire AXE 1 “Sciences et Matériaux Quantiques” : présenté par Benjamin Besga

Titre: Stochastic thermodynamics and opto-mechanics

Orateur : Benjamin Besga, ILM Lyon

Résumé : The aim of stochastic thermodynamics is to study small non-equilibrium systems subject to thermal fluctuations. Some results from this field will be illustrated using experiments carried out on opto-mechanical systems, mainly colloidal particles in an optical trap. Using non-equilibrium statistical physics will see how we can accelerate the natural dynamics of a system, shorten the mean first passage time on a target, or measure the forces acting on a non-equilibrium probe. Finally, we’ll ask how we can interrogate the quantum limit of these results by looking at the opto-mechanical coupling of a self assembled supercrystal of quantum dots in an optical trap.

05 Décembre 2023, 11h0012h00
Auditorium de l'IPCMS

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29 Novembre 2023

Soutenance de thèse : Amira Gharbi

Titre : "Energy transfer dynamics in dye-loaded organic nanoparticles studied by the mean of ultrafast fluorescence spectroscopy."