Recruitment: Junior Professor Chair (CPJ CNRS)

31 January 2024
Name of the project: New perspectives in electron microscopy for advanced characterization of innovative materials (MATEM)

Summary of the scientific project:

The candidates should propose an original research project of high international level that can be integrated into one of the following laboratories: Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg; Centre de Recherche sur l’Hétéro-Épitaxie et ses Applications in Valbonne; Laboratoire d’Étude des Microstructures in Châtillon; Institut Néel in Grenoble. Without focusing onto a particular class of materials, the project should be based on the potential of the TEMs that are installed in the above-mentioned laboratories. It should point out the feasibility of the new approaches and experimental methods with regard to the analysis and understanding of the structural and physical properties of the respective materials.

Summary of the teaching project:

The candidates should propose a teaching project (28 hours of lecture classes or 42 hours of practical classes or exercises) in line with the field of the junior professorship MATEM. The teaching project will be discussed and finalized with the university hosting the laboratory of the candidate.

The four host laboratories for recruiting the CPJ MATEM:

The IPCMS (Strasbourg) has developed competence and know-how on a high level in the fields of ultrafast TEM and in-situ/operando TEM.     

The CRHEA (Valbonne) is an excellence center in the epitaxy of semiconductor materials and their characterization with a research axis on 2D materials that are currently developed.

The  LEM (Châtillon) carries out research on nanomaterials, 2D materials as well as on structural materials for applications in optoelectronics, nanotechnology or aviation in line with the global strategy of ONERA.

The Institut Néel (Grenoble)has a high expertise in advanced synthesis and characterization of a wide range of materials in a unique environment in line with the research infrastructure at ESRF and ILL.

Keywords: innovative materials, electron microscopy, advanced characterization, microstructures, nanostructures

Envisaged period: 6 years maximum

Corresponding Section (s) CoNRS: 3, 5

Timeline (« subject to confirmation by the ministry »)

• Application Deadline : 20 March 2024

• Review of the applications: April 17 to June 27 2024

• Interviews: May 2 to July 12 2024 • Recruitment: starting from September 1 2024 (the starting date can be postponed until January 1 2025)

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Contact : Pierre Rabu, Director of the l’IPCMS

More informations: CNRS-Physique_CPJ-2024_MATEM