Carnot Mica Institut

IPCMS is a member of the Materials Institute Carnot Alsace (MICA).

The Carnot institute MICA brings together 14 R&D partners: 7 laboratories, 6 technologicial resource centers and 1 industrial technical center. It is a leader in the field of innovative materials and can bring a unique offer to the industrial companies.

MICA offers its expertise in a wide range of materials:

Polymers, Ceramics, Glasses, Carbones, Oxides, Composites, Textiles

From the conceptto the pre-industrial pilot production.

Numerous technical means are available in MICA

– Technical platforms: elaboration, characterization, performance tests, prototyping, tests under real conditions of use. 8 platforms are certified ISO 9001

– Unique state of the art equipment

– State of the art platforms available for industrials

I-HCARE :development of implantable medical devices,non-standardized, tailor-madeand low cost.

MICASOL : X-ray analysis of materials, from the molecular to the macroscopic scale,using Synchrotron Soleil facilities.

A fully recognized industrial expertise

More than 800 industrial partners

An increase of + than 30% of industrial partnership

About 20 patents a year

1 quality certification (ISO 9001 to be concluded)