Assistant professor, Inorganic Materials Chemistry (DCMI)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 71 28Office: 2008

Current researches

Synthesis and caracterization of recyclable nanoparticles and composites of various sizes, shapes and morphologies for water pollution (surface chemistry, adsorption / desorption, etc.)

Academic background

2006: Ph.D in Physics and Chemistry of Matter and Materials – Henri Poincaré University – Nancy I, Faculty of Science and Technology (University of Lorraine).

Research background

  • Ph.D thesis defended in 2006 at the University of Lorraine: crystallization of hybrid materials such as transition metals hydroxydicarboxylates and their magnetism properties (hydrothermal synthesis, structure resolution by ab initio from powder X-ray diffraction and structure-magnetic and luminescence properties relationship )
  • ATER (2006-2007): Fernand Fievet research team from the ITODYS laboratory (Paris Diderot University): Synthesis of nanoparticles by the polyol method
  • Post-doctorat (2007-2009): Condensed Matter Chemistry laboratory in Paris (Dr Clément Sanchez-Collège de France-NANO team-Corinne Chanéac): development of concentrated solutions of nanoparticles for doping (Er (III), Cr (IV)) of optical fibers by “Chimie douce” techniques on behalf of the company Draka-Comteq.
  • Associate professor at the University of Strasbourg (2009-)
    • IPCMS: Department of Inorganic Materials Chemistry (DCMI)
    • Education: European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials (ECPM),
    • Hybrid materials team (2009-2018): development of hybrid dye solar cells based on zinc oxide nanowires obtained by hydrothermal method.
  • CEFUN team (Chemical Engineering of functional nanomaterials) (2019 -) Development of iron oxide nanoclusters for pollution control.


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L. Schlur, A. Carton, G. Pourroy, A new zinc hydroxy acetate hydrogen carbonate lamellar phase for growing large and clean ZnO nanorod arrays, Chemical Communications 51 (2015) 3367–3370.
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B. Azeredo, A. Carton, C. Leuvrey, C. Kiefer, D. Ihawakrim, S. Zafairatos, M. Gallart, P. Gilliot, B.P. Pichon, Synergistic photo optical and magnetic properties of a hybrid nanocomposite consisting of a zinc oxide nanorod array decorated with iron oxide nanoparticles, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (2018) 10502–10512.