Christine BOEGLIN

Christine BOEGLIN

Senior Researcher, Surfaces and Interfaces (DSI)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 70 28, +33(0)3 88 10 70 35Office: 1041


Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics by XMCD

Ultrafast spin and orbital dynamics by f-slicing

Ultrafast Single-shot X-ray Imaging

Ultrafast demagnetization in a domain network

Nanomagnetism : from atoms to bulk

– Magnetic anisotropy (XMCD, XMLD)

– Magnetic coupling in oxydes (XMCD, XMLD)

– Magnetic domains in oxydes (XMCD-PEEM, XMLD-PEEM)


– Surface alloys

– Clusters

– Nanostructures in Oxydes

– Atomic diffusion

– Structures and Morphologies


2007- : Development of ultrafast magnetization dynamics using XMCD at the femto-slicing source BESSY II and  X-FEL source Stanford.

1997-2006 : Extention to  clusters and sub-monolayer magnetism using XMC(L)D at ESRF and Daresbury synchrotron, combining structural and magnetic informations by STM, X-ray diffraction and XMC(L)D.

1992-1997: CNRS at IPCMS : Research activity at Synchrotron LURE – Grand Est beam line – development of circular and linear magnetic dichroism [XMC(L)D] using photoemission and absorption spectroscopies.

1990-1991: Post-Doc at Freie Universität Berlin- BESSY I, in the group of J. Kirschner

1990 : PhD at University of Strasbourg

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