Conventional preparations

Preparation of materials by using the melt technique 3 arcing

The arc-furnace uses the energy of the electric arc established between an electrode of tungsten thoriée 2% and the (s) material (s) (necessarily conductor (s) supply (s)) to a temperature sufficient to obtain the fusion in a neutral atmosphere.

The institute uses this technique to study materials and compare them with those produced by other techniques (MBE, PLD, Sputtering) connected with the research areas of different teams. Studies have turned to new families of alloys of transition metals (eg, FePt, CoPt, NiPt) and rare earth (recently Ce2Pd2Sn).

This technique is also used to produce targets for other means of preparation:

  • Cones evaporation MBE (metals and alloys);
  • PLD targets (metals and alloys).