Research Teams of DMONS

Hybrid spintronics

Spin electronics, which operates thanks to the quantum electron spin property, can be downscaled to just a few nm and already benefits from industrial penetration in the information and communication technologies (ICT; read heads for hard drives; robust, non-volatile, ultrafast memories; bio-inspired computing…). Spintronics thus embodies a promising technological axis to implement industrial applications of […]

Advanced Materials & Nanodevices

Our scientific research is focused on the understanding of nanoscale materials (2D materials, quantum dots, thin films, molecules) to get insight into novel properties emerging from reduced dimension, interfaces and surfaces. We study their electrical, optical, ferroelectric and magneto-transport properties. These phenomena are investigated using a broad palette of electrical (impedance spectroscopy, transconductance, …), optical […]

Magnetism of the nanostructures

Understanding functional properties of materials, thin films and nanostructures requires correlating their nanoscale structure to their magnetic properties. In order to fulfill this goal, the strategy of the team is to combine conventional investigation tools (x-ray diffraction, SQUID and torque magnetometry) with advanced techniques involving in-house developments: local probes (NMR for ferromagnets, XMCD) or real […]

Theoretical physics and modelling

Two topics are currently pursued in the team: Mesoscopic quantum physics and ab initio descriptions of electronic properties of materials. In the case of Mesoscopic quantum physics, the aim is to capture the physical mechanisms underlying a given phenomenon, providing qualitative and quantitative descriptions of experimental data. Firstly, a suitable model which is  mathematically tractable and […]

Spintronic: basics

The research activities of the team aim at providing a better understanding of spin dependent transport and magnetization dynamics in ferromagnets at the nanoscale. From the theoretical point of view, state-of-the-art finite-element micromagnetic simulations are being carried out to investigate the static and dynamic properties of various nanoscale magnetic systems. From the experimental point of […]