Research Teams of DSI


The nanomaterials group is synthesizing and characterizing new materials at the nanoscale. The research concentrates on low-dimensional materials, nanoparticles, materials for catalysis, and functional materials. Different techniques of electron microscopy are applied for imaging, diffraction, spectroscopy, and in-situ experiments. The combination of in-situ generation and characterization in the electron microscope allows insight into the processes […]

Dynamic processes

The group research focus on different time dependent processes in condenced matter, comparing different aspects in the nanosecond – femtosecond time range, in order to correlate structural and physical properties like ferromagnetism, electric properties… Research activities Spin precession Magnetoelectric couplage Ultra-fast magnetization dynamics Team members : Recent publications :


Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) within the DSI focuses on the electronic, spin-related and luminescence properties of single objects such as metallic nanostructures, molecules and atoms. Various techniques are employed for this purpose ranging from scanning tunneling spectroscopy (unpolarized or spin polarized) to contact measurements. In this latter case, stable and reproducible two-terminal devices can be […]


The common aim of the team « Modelling » of the DSI is to provide atomic or electronic level insights into a wide range of materials, in isolated, complexes or condensed phases. DSI’s computational team mainly focuses on the study of supported nanostructures, metals or molecules. Both substrate nanostructuration and nanostructure growth processes are investigated as much […]