PhD position (M/W) – Design & Synthesis of Novel TADF Polymer for Opto-Electronic Application

36 month
We aim at synthesizing and studying polymers containing curcuminoid borondifluoride (CurcBF2) for applications in organic electronics. These polymers will present thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) properties allowing to recycle triplet into singlet excited states. Such properties are not common and are expected to lead to a technological breakthrough in organic laser diode application. .....

Project manager M/F

12 months
The Project Manager (PM) will ensure the follow-up and promotion of the Quantum Science and Nanomaterials Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute (ITI QMat), a France 2030 program. He/she will be in charge of the co-leadership of the consortium and of facilitating its general functioning, in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement. These functions will cover a set of tasks related to the organisational, administrative, financial and legal management of the program.

Post-doc in femtosecond XPS of bio-mimetic photoswitches (M/F)

12 month
In this joint collaboration between the Max-Born-Institute, Berlin (Dr. O. Kornilov) and the IPCMS Strasbourg (Dr. J. Léonard & Prof. S. Haacke), we bring together our expertise to investigate the CInt of rhodopsin-mimicking photo-switches using novel tools of femtosecond and attosecond XUV photoelectron spectroscopy (XUPS).

Expert-e en développement d’expérimentation

1 an renouvelable
Les développements d’expériences nouvelles pour l’étude des propriétés optiques et magnétiques des matériaux avec des résolutions temporelles et spatiales ultimes sont en plein essor à l’IPCMS. Dans ce cadre, l’IGR participera au développement d’un nouvel ensemble instrumental articulé sur la génération d’harmonique élevées pour étudier la dynamique d’aimantation induite par des impulsions laser femtoseconde visibles.