Design of magnetic ferrite based nanoparticles with controlled size, shape, and composition (core-shell)

Spherical magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles with nanosized-dependent composition, defects and spin canting

Tuning of the nanosize of iron oxide NPs

Size dependant blocking temperature

Size dependent spin canting, composition and defects explaining Ms values as a function of nanosize

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Core-shell nanoparticles with exchange bias properties

One pot synthesis process

Fe3O4@CoORemarkably high values of HC = 15 015 Oe and MR/MS = 0.59 at 5 K

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Ferrite nanoparticles with different morphologies

Tuning of the shape of nanoparticles by adjusting the nature of ligands and the heating rate

Hollow iron oxide nanostructures with raspberry morphology

Nancomposites carbon nanotube-iron oxide nanoparticles : selective filling or coating of carbon nanotubes by iron oxide nanoparticles

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Anchoring of iron oxide NPs on graphene sheets

Iron oxide Nps or nanostructures by thermal decomposition and by the polyolo-solvothermal process

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