Environmental applications

Collaboration: M.P. Krafft, G. Waton Charles Sadron Institute

Nanoparticle-decorated microbubbles have been stabilized on long periods of time using a synergism between a soluble surfactant and nanoparticles. The soluble surfactant is the perfluoroalkyl phosphate C8F17(CH2)2OP(O)(OH)2 (labeled F8H2Phos), and the nanoparticles (NPs) are 20-25 nm cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4).

The bubbles align in a magnetic field.

PhD thesis : A. Kovalenko Université de Strasbourg November 6th 2013 Stabilisation de microbulles de gaz par des tensioactifs semi-fluorés et des nanoparticules d’oxyde de fer.

Publications :

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