14 December 2022

PhD defense : Guillaume Krieger

Title : "Structural and orbital engineering in nickelate thin films: on the road of superconductivity"

The defense will take place on Wednesday the 14th of December at 2p.m in the IPCMS auditorium.

This work was carried out under the supervision of Nathalie Viart and Daniele Preziosi from the DCMI. The defense will be in English and will be followed by some drinks and food at the cafeteria institute.

14 December 2022, 14h0016h00
IPCMS' Auditorium
23 rue du Loess

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06 December 2022

Software day at IPCMS

This day will help you understand the issues, so that you can share or distribute your codes and software with confidence.

07 December 2022

PhD defense : Vinavadini RAMNARAIN

"Probing the dynamics of formation and transformation of processes at the nanometric scale by in situ and environmental TEM"