03 October 2023

PhD defense : Maryna HRYTSAIENKO

"Relaxation dynamics in GaN/AlN quantum dots: study by time-resolved photoluminescence and pump-probe differential transmission"

This work was performed under the supervision of Mr. Mathieu GALLART (IPCMS/DON)

The defense will take place on Tuesday, 03 October, 2023 at 2:00 pm at the IPCMS auditorium. The defense will be conducted in English.

03 October 2023, 14h0017h00
IPCMS' Auditorium
Building 69
Strasbourg (Cronenbourg Campus)

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08 December 2023

PhD defense : Charles Sidhoum

Title : "Etude in-situ de formation de nanomatériaux hybrides : Approche multi-échelle couplant microscopie électronique et techniques de spectroscopies"