26 March 2024

Seminar Axis “Quantum sciences and materials” presented by Antoine Borel

Title : Quantum emitters in low dimensional materials: bricks to collective effects

Antoine Borel, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

For the past two decades, substantial efforts have been led to build efficient single photon sources as building blocks for quantum communication and quantum computing, involving different material dimensions such as epitaxial quantum dot (0D), chemically functionalized carbon nanotubes (1D) or moiré heterostructure in 2D materials. Among those, epitaxial quantum dots in cavity in the Purcell regime are the purest and most efficient single photon sources. However, recent focus on collective effects such as super-radiance, cooperative emission or strongly correlated states gave additional interests on 1D and 2D materials as they can act as a backbone to locate quantum emitters in close vicinity to each other, while the growth of epitaxial remains spatially random. 1D and 2D materials being surfac materials still suffer from dielectric and electric disorders which make the quantum emitters distinguishable and limit the apparition of collective properties. To better understand the optical properties of such quantum emitters, low-temperature optical spectroscopy is performed in the frequential and time domains.
In this talk, I will present two spectroscopic studies of quantum emitters in low dimensional materials. The first study will focus on a carbon nanotube which was functionalized with 4 colour centers regrouped in two pairs sufficiently close spatially to observe coupling in their photoluminescence. The second study focuses on the quasi-resonant spectroscopy study of localized excitons in a moiré MoSe2/WSe2 2D heterostructure and its interplay with phonons.

Contact : Arnaud GLOPPE (arnaud.gloppe@ipcms.unistra.fr) – Guillaume SCHULL (schull@unistra.fr)

26 March 2024, 11h0012h00
IPCMS Auditorium

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