Postdoctoral fellow, Inorganic Materials Chemistry (DCMI)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 71 91Office: 3001

Research background

  • 2017 – 2019 Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Medical Devices (Cúram), National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
    BrainMatTrain project
    1.Developement and optimization of a crown ether-functionalized collagen hydrogel for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease by functionalizing collagen or loading the hydrogel with the crown ether
    2.Synthesis of layer-by-layer collagen capsules using synthetic and natural polymers and sacrificial calcium carbonate microparticles
  • 2017 Trainee Engineer, Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA), Saclay, France
    Spectroscopic characterization of the interaction between Bovine Serum Albumin and lipidic nanoparticles
  • 2017 End of studies project
    Synthesis of core-shell polymers for catalytic application in biphasic conditions
  • 2016 Trainee Junior Engineer, Centre for Research in Medical Devices (Cúram), National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
    1.Synthesis and characterization of hyaluronic acid-coated manganese dioxide microparticles that act as ROS scavengers
    2.Synthesis of collagen nanocapsules for the treatment of Ischemic Stroke using sacrificial silica nanoparticles

Academic background

2014 – 2017 Engineering Degree in Chemistry – Green and Biosourced Chemistry, National Polytechnic Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (ENSIACET), Toulouse, France
2016 – 2017 Master Degree in Research – Fundamental and Applied Chemistry (obtained with high honours), University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III), Toulouse, France
2014 National entrance exams
2012 – 2014 Preparatory classes for entrance exams into national engineering schools in Physics-Chemistry, Lycée Pierre-de-Fermat, Toulouse, France

Current researches

I am working under the supervision of Dr. Damien Mertz. The aim of my PhD project (CORELMAG) is to design a smart scaffold for tissue engineering by integrating hybrid nanoparticles, iron oxide/silica, into electropsun fibers. The NPs will then be loaded with proteins of interest, which will be released by magnetic hyperthermia.
An important part of the project focus on the modification of NPs surface and the study of the loading and release of several model proteins.


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