Nicolas BEYER

Nicolas BEYER

Engineer, General
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 71 61, +33(0)6 29 31 25 03Office: 2040


Nicolas Beyer has been working with the IPCMS since 1998. For 10 years he has been in charge of the design and mechanical realization of several devices installed on X-ray diffraction lines (optics, furnaces, benches). He has also designed and realized optical systems and various pieces of equipment for the construction of confocal microscopes (lens holders, mirrors, high voltage application), as well as a traction force microscope and an optical microscope with magnetic tweezers.

In 2008, at the request of the management, he took the responsibility of the real estate logistics division of the five buildings composing the IPCMS.

As such, he coordinated, planned, and implemented preventive and curative maintenance of the 12000 m² of the institute. He supervised the work of a general services technician assigned to maintenance who assisted him in this task.

He was project manager for the real estate operations within the laboratory during rehabilitation work or construction of new laboratories (several chemistry and physics laboratories, construction of a class ISO 6 cleanroom).

In 2014, he joins the IPCMS mechanical design department as a mechanical design assistant. Since 2019, he is a design engineer, in charge of the design office. This main activity allows him to go back to the fundamentals of his training, i.e. the design of prototypes and special machines dedicated more particularly to the characterization on large instruments (synchrotrons: ESRF, SOLEIL, PLS, SLS).

He has also designed specific machines for optics: Wide-angle static and dynamic light scattering under shear (2 prototypes), as well as a dual-view inverted light-sheet microscope.

In addition, he is an assistant to the project manager on a project of premises intended to be tunneling microscopy laboratories and is an external consultant for the project manager of the DPI of the University of Strasbourg on the CESQ project (Center for the Study of Quantum Sciences).

Academic background

1991F_Niv II-Bac+3Facculty of sciences and technologies Nancy
Bachelor Degree
1990E_Niv III-Bac+2University of StrasbourgAssociate Degree.Advanced mechanics
1988E_Niv III-Bac+2LEGT Jean MermozAssociate Degree Heat treatments and metallurgy
1986CD_Niv IV-BACHigh School Jean Mermoz
High School Diploma
Mechanical engineering


  • Mechanical projects
  • Real estate projects
  • Illustrations
  • Miscellaneous

Transversal activities

  • PA (Prevention Assistant) for the IPCMS General Services Department
  • Member of the local health, safety and working conditions committee for the IPCMS


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