Safety instructions – COVID-19

10 June 2021
Conduite à tenir et bonnes pratiques pendant la situation sanitaire liée à la Covid-19

The return to the workplace can be implemented according to the following schedule and subject to changes in the health situation:

  • From June 9: change from 5 days to 3 days of teleworking per week;
  • As of July 1, if the situation permits:switch to 2 days of teleworking per week;
  • From September 1, if the health situation allows it: return to the common law regime

Face-to-face meetings are again authorized as of June 9, with a recommended gauge of one person per 4 m2 initially and in strict compliance with reinforced health rules: distancing, barrier gestures (wearing a mask in particular). We also remind you of the importance of strictly applying barrier gestures at all times and in particular not to eat / drink together in the same office or in an enclosed space.

Télétravail :  Circulaire relative au renforcement du télétravail dans la fonction publique de l’État de la ministre de la transformation et de la fonction publiques du 7 octobre 2020 qui précise les mesures générales  spécifiques aux zones d’alerte renforcée et maximale

Curfew (21h-6h) : Exemptions files can be downloaded on theses sites  :

The form will be signed by the IPCMS director.

Informations about the situation are regularly updated :

What to do with a student or staff who have been in contact with a person who has been tested positive for Covid19pdf – realised by CNRS – INSERM – Unistra) (Text in french)

Good pratices (pdf files)