Research Engineer, Magnetic Objects on the NanoScale (DMONS)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 70 92Office: 0011

Research background


Research Engineer at IPCMS.

  • Responsible of the growth facilities (MBE and Hybrid Cluster) dedicated to the growth of hybrid metals-oxides-molecules multilayers for spintronic applications.


Postdoc at Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (CEA Saclay, France).

  • Study of the magnetic conformation of Prussian blue analog nanoparticles by neutron diffusion.


Postdoc at SOLEIL synchrotron (DEIMOS beamline; Saint-Aubin, France).

  • Study of magneto-electric systems by operando spectroscopy (XAS/XMCD).


Postdoc at Elettra synchrotron (APE beamline; Trieste, Italy).

  • Study of multiferroic systems by operando spectroscopy (XAS/XMCD/XPS). Study of surface and interface of oxides thin films.

Academic background


PhD thesis at Nanotechnology Institute of Lyon (University of Lyon).

  • Title: “Weakly bonded epitaxial systems: the case Ge/SrTiO3”. Structural (XRD) and chemical (XPS) study of semiconductor – oxide interfaces at the very early stages of growth.


Engineering school Grenoble-INP PHELMA / TU Darmstadt (FAME master).

Current researches

Research engineer in the hybrid spintronic team since 2020, I’m in charge of the hybrid cluster growth facility. This all UHV-integrated system gather a sputtering chamber, a metal evaporation chamber and a chamber dedicated to the evaporation of molecule. The facility is particularly well adapted for the growth of multilayers of metals, simple oxides and molecules typically for molecular spintronic applications. I’m also in charge of the molecular beam epitaxy facility dedicated to the growth of metals and simple oxides systems.

My research interest is now focusing on the oxocarbon acids family (CnH2On). These simple molecules are exhibiting ferroelectric (n=5; n=6) and anti-ferroelectric (n=4) properties that could be advantageously integrated in hybrid multilayer devices.


Author and co-author of 26 publications in international journals since 2010.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of publications of the last years.

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