Department of Organic Materials (DMO)

The scientific activity of the Department of Organic materials (DMO) at the IPCMS is focused on the design, synthesis and study of novel organic (macro)molecular and hybrid materials with specific properties of interest for academic research and industrial applications. Our three research équipes are specialized in various fields: magnetic, (opto)eletronic and optical materials, catalytic systems, metallopolymers with self-assembly properties…

Our research activity does not stop at the synthetic stage: we wish to explain, interpret and modelize the physico-chemical properties of our materials, and that is why we are equipped to carry out numerous physico-chemical characterizations with our extensive array of intruments and the essential help of the technical platforms of the IPCMS.

Department Head

Bertrand DONNIO

Senior Researcher, Organic Materials (DMO)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 70 56Office: 2035
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