Research teams of DON

Femtomagnetism and Spin Dynamics (Femtomag Team)

Research Topics In our team we study the dynamical properties of the electrons and their spins in metals and molecular systems. We are particularly interested in the dynamics of correlated spin phases (ferromagnetism or ferrimagnetism), the dynamics of the collective electronic excitations (plasmons) in metals and the vibrational dynamics associated to the molecular motion. We […]

Ultrafast dynamics of nanostructures and nano-objects (NanoFemto)

Our research team is mainly interested in studying wide band-gap semiconductor nanostructures by femtosecond laser spectroscopy. Different aspects of the electron relaxation dynamics are accessible in experiments using ultra-short laser light pulses:  The electron-spin dynamics may be tested taking advantage of the particular structure of electron states, which posses a well-defined total angular momentum or […]

Bio-Photonics and Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics (BioDyn)

The BioDyn team (Bio-photonics and ultrafast molecular Dynamics) develops experimental tools for femtosecond spectroscopy in the field of physical chemistry, to investigate the photoreactivity of (bio)organic or metal-organic molecules in the condensed phase. Typical processes of interest are photoreactions enabling photo-electric or photo-mechanical energy conversions at the molecular scale. Such photoreactions have applications in material […]

Quantum dynamics of nano-objects (Q-Dyno)

Highlights Open PhD position (click here for more information): Quantum State Engineering of Lanthanide Complexes for Optimally Controlled Quantum Information Processing Research carried out in the Q-Dyno group focuses on the theoretical modeling and numerical simulation of nano-scale systems composed of many interacting constituents. We study the nonlinear quantum dynamics of charges and spins in […]

Biophysics and soft matter (BIOSOFT)

Research Activities : Suspensions and powders  The flow properties of suspensions of colloidal particles depart from simple Newtonian behavior at high shear rate, high volume fraction or when the colloidal particles interact. We study the mechanical properties of suspensions in such conditions, aiming at correlating them to their organization at the particle scale. When the […]

Nonlinear Microscopy and Patterning of Organic Materials (NOMPOM)

Motivation Our research is focused on the study of the non linear optical (NLO) properties of organic compounds, from simple molecules to more complex systems (functionalized polymers, organic/inorganic hybrid materials). Our experimental work starts from the fundamental aspects of understanding the mechanisms involved in the NLO properties of such systems up to their applications in […]

Theoretical Molecular Spectroscopy (SMT)

Texte de présentation à mettre ici Research Activities J. P. Lavoine (Maître de Conférences Unistra) : Description of Markovian and/or non-Markovian dynamics in molecular systems. Modeling of spectroscopic experiments exploiting nonlinear optical processes. A. J. Boeglin (Chargé de Recherche CNRS) : Evaluation of electronic responses of molecules in solution. Determination of vibrational properties of nonlinear […]