Nanofab Process

UV Lithography :

Ebeam Lithography :

Nettoyage des substrats :

Wet chemistry


When classical solvents are not enough strong to remove organic residues, “piranha” solution which is a mixture of sulfuric acid  (H2SO4) and  hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This mixture is also really efficient for mask cleaning (to remove resist residues after lithography)


The standard process to clean organic residues off substrates is:

These operations should be done only under the solvent fume hood (stainless steel).

  1. Acetone (5-10 minutes, sonification if possible)
  2. Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol (5-10 minutes)
  3. Nitrogen gun drying

Plasma Cleaning

  • power : 100 W
  • gas : pure oxygen (99.999%)
  • frequency : 13.56 MHz
  • working pressure: 200 mTorr
  • 100 mm Pyrex  chamber

Oxygen Plasma

Oxygen plasma cleans off organic residues without using solvents. Key features of Plasma Prep III :


UV/ozone cleaner cleans off surfaces slightly contaminated with organic residues. This equipment can also be used to activate surfaces for a better adhesion of resist.

Materials :

I. Chemicals

Acids and bases

ProductCompositionRatio in volume
Hydrofluoric Acid concentrated 40%HF 40%
Sulfuric AcidH2SO4 96%
Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid, BOE 7:1 VLSINH4F 40% + HF 50%7:1
Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid, BOE 25:1 VLSINH4F 40% + HF 50%25:1
Phosphoric Acid 85% VLSIH3PO4 85%
Cyclohexanone 99.8% VLSIC6H10O
Chlorhydric Acid 37%HCl 37%
Nitric Acid (65%)HNO3 65%
Acetic Acid (99.8%)C2H4O2
Potassium Hydroxyde pelletsKOH 40%
Chromium etch 651826 Aldrich(NH4)2 Ce(NO3)6; HClO 4
Copper etch Type CE-100
Au etchKI (40g.), I2 (1g.), H2 O (80 ml)
Hydrogen peroxide 30%H2O2 30%
Ammonium Fluorid 98%NH445gr/100 ml H2O
Ammoniaque 28%NH4OH 28%

Resists and developers

AZ 1505photosensitive positive, 0.4 – 1.0 µm
AZ 5214photosensitive réversible, 0.7 – 1.5 µm
AR-P 669.04 et AR-P 679.02e-beam positive
SX AR-PC 5000/90conductive protective coating for e-beam resists
MCC SU8-2050negative tone epoxy
MCC SU8-2100negative tone epoxy
LOR 3Anon photosensitive
Developer MIF 726developer for AZ52xx, S18xx
Developer AZdeveloper for AZxxxx
PGMEAdeveloper for SU8 (1-Methoxy-2-Propanol Acetat)
Developer AR 600-56developer for AR-P xxx series
HMDS Microposit primerPrimer
PDMS Sylgard 184 Silicone elastomerBase + curing agent/td>


Remover 1165PGMEA, NMP 93%
AZ100 Removerremover for AZxxxx
Remover PGremover of PMGI, PMMA, SU-8
Technistrip NI555remover for Novolak-based negative resists
Remover AR 600-71remover for AR-P xxx series
Stopper AR 600-60stop development process for AR-P xxx series
Extran MA02 neutralGlass cleaning agent

II. Wafers

Silicon Wafers

NameDiameter [mm]Thickness [µm]OrientationConductivity type, DopantResistivity range []
Silicon prime wafers,
75.3350 ± 25100P, Boron1-3

SiO2 Wafers

NameDiameter [mm]Si wafer
Thickness [µm]
Thickness [nm]
OrientationConductivity type, Dopant
SiO2 wafers
75.3350 ± 25500100P, Boron

III. Masks

Chrome Blank 5″résolution standard : 4 µm
Masque souple 2 – 4″résolution minimale : 10µm