08 November 2022

Seminar Axe 5 and DCMI : presented by Dr. Philippe THOMAS

"The Institute of Research for Ceramics and Crystal chemistry of complex-disordered materials: the specific case of tellurium oxide based glasses and metal oxide nanocrystals"

Dr. Philippe THOMAS (Institut de Recherche sur les Céramiques (IRCER), Limoges, France)

Contacts: Guillaume ROGEZ rogez@unistra.fr ; Pierre RABU rabu@unistra.fr

08 November 2022, 11h0012h00
IPCMS auditorium
23 rue du Loess, Building 69 (Cronenbourg Campus)

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06 December 2022

Software day at IPCMS

This day will help you understand the issues, so that you can share or distribute your codes and software with confidence.

07 December 2022

PhD defense : Vinavadini RAMNARAIN

"Probing the dynamics of formation and transformation of processes at the nanometric scale by in situ and environmental TEM"