IPCMS’ facilities has been certified ISO 9001

IPCMS (University of Strasbourg and CNRS joint lab) has been certified ISO 9001 for the following activities:

– Elaboration and characterization of materials by several different techniques (SEM, XRD, TEM)

– Nanofabrication in STnano cleanrooms.

The shared research facilities of IPCMS implemented a quality management system (synergy between skills, know-how, people and scientific / technical equipment) that led to the ISO 9001 certification by AFNOR. This certificate guarantees the quality and traceability of the results obtained by researchers, external users and industrial partners on IPCMS platforms. The students teaching and training in the platforms also enter into the quality system and certification.

This certification confirms the commitment to quality in the research activities that IPCMS  has been conducting since 30 years

The six shared facilities of the IPCMS are:

  • Plateforme de nanofabrication STnano
  • Plateforme de diffraction par rayon X
  • Plateforme de microscopie électronique à balayage
  • Plateforme de microscopie électronique à transmission
  • Plateforme d’élaboration de couches minces par ablation laser pulse (PLD).
  • Plateforme de caractérisation magnétique par magnétométrie SQUID et PPMS