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STnano facility is member of the National Network of Nanotechnology facilities. The platform has a dedicated 180 m2 ISO class 6 cleanroom area, including several ISO class 5 workspaces. A laboratory dedicated to electron beam lithography completes the platform. The platform has currently all the equipment for the nanofabrication of devices down to several tens of nanometers. STnano staff trains more than 30 users annually. STnano is a certified ISO 9001 : 2015 platform

User’s Guide STnano


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Project Form

All the group leaders who need an access to STnano facility for their research project have to fill a form describing briefly the project. STnano staff will check the technical feasibility and compatibility with running processes. The form should be sent to

Fiche de demande de projet STnano

All participants to the project have to pay processing fees (Fees depends on user’s category and kind of activity, you will get a cost estimate) and sign the

IIPCMS Platforms Charters

STnano Services to companies and laboratories :

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STnano provides access to optical and e-beam lithography techniques, thin film deposition by evaporation, dry and wet etching on all types of substrates from 10 to 100 mm. The platform is equipped with latest generation equipment for nanofabrication and characterization (Oxford Instrument, Zeiss, Suss Microtec …).

  • Metallic thin films evaporation (Au, Cu, Al, Ni, Co, …)
  • Dielectric thin films evaporation (SiO2, Si3N4, Al2O3)
  • Deep reactive etching (RIE-ICP)
  • Oxygen plasma treatment
  • Back end (AFM, wirebonding, 3D profilometry …)

STnano also trains technical staff and scientists from industry and academic research. The platform is open to partnerships. Our high skills engineer will help you to realize your project in the of nanotechnology from the design to the proof of concept

Research Projects :

The projects aim to combine the bottom-up and top-down strategies at the nanoscale level. Different areas of physics and chemistry, and their interconnection, are concerned with scales of 500 nm in plasmonics, 100 nm in nanomagnetism and 10 nm to 1 nm for 2D materials and molecular materials. Research teams using the STnano platform work on different fields, including:

  • Spintronics
  • Nanomagnetism
  • 2D materials
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Plasmonics
  • Microfluidics

Around 20 running projects are using STnano facility.

5nm nanogap for molecular electronic

Propagating spin-wave spectroscopy device

Epitaxial MgO deposition on graphene for tunnel junctions fabrication

Optical microscopy image of and organic field emission transistor device, including extra electrodes for conductivity and Hall voltage measurements.

nanotranchées pour l’adressage de micro et nanoparticules

Magnetic force field between two Ni électrodes under a vertical external field. Source : C. Andreas, R. Hertel.

Microfluidic chip for reagents mixing


STnano has a significant teaching activity, with several courses for Master and PhD students of Strasbourg University, through hands-on practical work and more specific semester projects in the “Student Lab”. The objective of the platform is that students become familiar with different nanofabrication tools and processes, used in industry and research. STnano also trains technical staff and scientists from industry and academic research.

Contact :

Professor, Magnetic Objects on the NanoScale (DMONS)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 72 39Office: 1014
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