Magnetism of the nanostructures

Understanding functional properties of materials, thin films and nanostructures requires correlating their nanoscale structure to their magnetic properties. In order to fulfill this goal, the strategy of the team is to combine conventional investigation tools (x-ray diffraction, SQUID and torque magnetometry) with advanced techniques involving in-house developments: local probes (NMR for ferromagnets, XMCD) or real space imaging (TEM, MFM, electron holography). Examples are anisotropic alloys with application in high density information storage, multilayers for X-ray mirrors, multiferroic materials for spintronics, or size selected nanoparticles for magnetic and catalytic applications. Specific sophisticated analysis methods (including molecular dynamics simulations) are fashioned when necessary to understand the details of observations.

Research Activities

Team Members

Research Engineer, Magnetic Objects on the NanoScale (DMONS)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 72 57Office: 1008
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Senior Researcher, Magnetic Objects on the NanoScale (DMONS)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 70 07, +33(0)3 88 10 70 16Office: 0007
Senior Researcher, Magnetic Objects on the NanoScale (DMONS)
Phone: +33(0)3 88 10 70 73Office: 1013
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Recent publications :

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